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A Story of Movement

Learn how Aurora: GeoStudio® helps review valuable patterns-of-life.

When it comes to assessing risk and opportunity in the modern world, the value of location intelligence cannot be understated. Location intelligence allows us to visualize large-scale data on where, when, and in what numbers people travel and congregate. This provides a valuable window of insight into patterns of life on a broad scale. Over time, just like its sibling subdisciplines in the commercial intelligence industry, good location intelligence tells us a story. Patterns emerge. Correlations come to light. And, with a little solid detective work, we piece together a remarkable understanding of how and why people move through the world we inhabit.

That understanding has powerful implications for the business world. Per Tech Crunch’s Gary Little, in our ongoing era of COVID-19 pandemic recovery, successful companies have begun making use of location data in order to build a sustainable base of customer loyalty. Many app-based services, for example, depend on location tracking in order to target their services – whether it’s ridesharing, entertainment, or food delivery – to the geographical needs of their target demographic.

Sovereign Intelligence has harnessed unmatched software capabilities – combined with in-house analytic expertise – to partner with clients in a collective mission to better understand human movement. Thanks to our technological know-how, we’ve developed the ability to observe and analyze demographic patterns of life across multiple geographic locales. We take the evolution of location intelligence to its next logical step via Aurora: Geostudio, an innovative new software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) that observes over 16 billion unique geolocation data points across nearly 600 million electronic devices on a regular basis.

That’s an immense amount of potential market insight for a business owner to leverage. Take a garden variety retailer as a broad example. Business owners in any industry – be it clothing, electronics, athletic goods, or food – rely on local market intelligence to drive business strategy. Location intelligence addresses major pain points in a retailer’s understanding of their marketplace. Where does foot traffic tend to congregate in the highest numbers? What about the lowest numbers? Where, in turn, is the demand for the retailer’s product likely to be highest or lowest? The answers to these questions can go a long way toward informing the ideal directions for business development efforts and marketing campaigns.

Location intelligence services provide answers to all of these questions, and more. Sovereign’s Aurora Geostudio platform sources and integrates geographic metadata from thousands of smart device applications, then enables users to observe findings via interactive data visuals. What’s more, the intelligence derived from these sources exists in the public domain, which neatly avoids otherwise strong ethical concerns regarding privacy and legality issues. By working with a trusted location intelligence provider, business owners can safely and ethically gather key information to better inform their sales and marketing strategies. This not only results in higher profit margins thanks to more reliable customer conversion rates, but also conserves valuable business development resources.

Location intelligence is still a relatively young field, having arrived with the advent of the growing technology boom of the modern era. However, its applications are already vast, and ever-growing. In the right hands, it has tremendous capacity for furthering prosperity and strengthening global economies.

Explore Sovereign Intelligence’s location intelligence service options today.

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