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Market Intelligence for Car Dealerships

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

How we find Audience Patterns to improve Car Dealership Advertising

If you’re a car dealership, you’d probably be interested in learning how many folks showed up on your lot. What would be perhaps even more interesting is where did those customers also go in the same area.

  • What if they went to a competitor?

  • What if the majority of your customers went to an adjacent mall to eat or shop within a few days of arriving at your lot?

  • How would this inform your advertising campaign?

We ran a few of our Location Intelligence reports including Population Dynamics, Activity Counts, Area Pattern-of-life, as well as Device Pattern-of-life from November 10 to December 1 for 2019 and 2020. We selected ten (10) dealerships in Tysons Corner, VA and included Tysons Corner Malls One and Two.

What we Discovered

A significant drop (over 50%) in the reported locations among a 6% reduction in devices was observed from 2019 to 2020, likely due to the effects of Covid-19. Koons Tysons still maintained the highest-trafficked dealership and we learned that about 6% of those at Koons Tysons also visited another dealership and or Tysons Corner One Mall within the same time period, right before Thanksgiving.

2019 v 2020 Car Dealership Traffic Analysis

Learn more about your customer's pattern-of-life with location intelligence.

2019 Tyson's Car Dealership Population Dynamics Report

Based on our findings, if limited to one area, the best place to advertise in 2019 and 2020 was Tysons Corner One Mall. Interestingly, however, in order to reach the most people, our High-Performance Community analysis indicated that Mazda Tysons was the central dealership visited among all the locations. In other words, if you want to reach the highest percentage of people who also traveled to more than one dealership, you’d advertise at or near Mazda Tysons.

Next, we reviewed specific devices to determine where the top ten (10) device’s traveled from November 18 to December 1 in 2019 and 2020.

Single Devices Analyzed for Pattern of Life

Of the tens of thousands of devices observed two (2) visited 11 of the 12 locations during each year/period. The details are listed above regarding attributable network providers, as well as probable work and home locations and even occupation based on our automatically created pattern-of-life report.

2020 Device Pattern-of-life Report

We're able to determine individual patterns-of-life for single devices and show commonalities among Areas of Interest. The heat map in the above report indicates dwell-time at various locations. For example, based on the frequent visits to nearly all of the car dealerships as well as the local mall, the timing of movement, the dwell time at the Chick-fil-A parking lot, as well as the frequent high rate of speed associated with the Yawl Ron Hood Howe device, it's likely the individuals works for a food delivery service. See a live Device Pattern-of-Life report here to learn more. Reviewing the rest of the data would help marketing efforts for personalization data and advertising locations.

Wrap up

Car dealerships or retail stores need salient analysis of customer patterns-of-life to improve marketing campaigns for personalization, audience behavior patterns, and competitive intelligence. To learn more, Contact Us today. Get started with a free trial.

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