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How It Works


Step 1

Find Solution

Review the Applications page to see the use-cases relevant to you.  Go to the Solutions page to see the demonstrations of each Report that work for you.

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.31.59 PM.png

Step 2

Pick a Plan or Buy a Report

Review the Pricing page to Pick a Plan that hosts the Reports you are interested in.  Purchase the Plan, set up a secure login Account and get started today. 

Step 3

Video Tutorials

Watch Video Tutorials  to learn how to use the

Geo Reports Builder and about the features of each Report. 


Step 4

Build Reports

Go to Tools page and use the Geo Report Builder to select Areas of Interest, timeframe, and the Report you want. Select go and your Report will be delivered right to your email inbox. 


Step 5

Get Results

As soon as you order, our analytics software begins to generate a Report that will be delivered to your email inbox.  You will get a downloadable html Report and a secure link to your own folder, fast. 

Step 6

Contact Support

If you have questions, Contact Support

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