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Tutorials & Guides

1. Reports Overview

Population Dynamics Example

Begin by reviewing the Reports Overview to see the key tabs and features of our reporting.  Watch as the cursor clicks each feature to display new analytics designed to enhance your insight into your Area's of Interest.

2. Charts Overview

What do the Charts mean?

Learn about Devices byArea, Areas Visited by Devices, Activity by Hour & Date, Activity by Hour & Day,  Devices by Day, Top 25 Networks, Activity Details, and Result Details.

3. Create a Report

How to create a Report?

Define Report Name and Date Range.

Add Areas of Interest.

Click Send to submit your Report.

Order Confirmed and Report sent to email.

4. Activity Clock

What's the Activity Clock?

The optimized color scale indicates the value of concentration over a time and day pattern.  See device Activity by Hour & Day.  The Total plot showed combined results for each 24 Hour Clock. Interactive with the Legend to show Device Indentifier Activity (DID), Unique DID, (UDID) and Activity Plots (ACT).

5. Trend Plot 

What's the Trend Plot?

The Trend Plot shows the Activity by Hour & Date with the activity axis showing percentage of activity, and the Date Time axis showing the auto-scaled time frame.

6. Devices by Day

Population Dynamics Results

The Devices by Day chart is a primary feature of the Population Dynamics report providing you with percentages of devices by day that are new to the Area of Interest or have returned to the Area of Interest.

7. Basic Geo Report Builder

The Geo Report Builder 

For the Basic plan, we show you how to build a Report by reviewing the tabs and features of our Activity Counts Report.

8. Search

How do I use Search function?

Start typing in the Search box until a match appears. Select the location and a pin is dropped at the location(s) selected. 

9. Geo Layers & Other Controls

Mapping Features

Build your reports using different Geo Layers including Google, ESRI, or Stamen mapping features. See Earth at night, Weather Wind Speed, Railways, Nautical Information, Background Radiation, etc.  Use the Mini-Map to view local Regions. View Geo-Coordinates to track the Lat/Long of the cursor position.

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