Activity Counts

Plan: Basic

Activity Counts provide detailed thematic maps which include detailed statistics on activity by hour, day of week, network, countries, etc.



Area Pattern of Life

Plan: Basic

Area Pattern of Life provides detailed analysis of population movement from Area of Interest (AOI) to another Area of Interest (AOI), answering the question: Has a device moved from one Area of Interest to another? 


Populations Dynamics

Plan: Advanced & Enterprise

Population Dynamics determine the composition statistics of areas of interest (AOI). Statistics include new visits and revisits (returning) to AOI's. AOI's with a high revisit score are usually home, work, loyal customers, etc. AOI's with a high new visit score are usually train stations, airports, vacation areas, first time customers, etc.


Network Pattern of Life

Plan: Enterprise Only

Network Pattern of Life provides automated analysis of network activity, identifying top performing network providers and their observed coverage across the multiple areas and time periods.