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Gain insight into the location and behavior
of things on a global scale. 
Connecting Dots

Aurora: GeoStudio®

What if you could observe where devices move on a global scale? That's why we've developed the world's most powerful analytic software to understand "where devices are."


Because we believe, that if you understand "where devices are", you can learn "why they are there."


It's called Aurora:GeoStudio®, by 

Global Collection Network (CGN)

We have the largest collection of  Geolocation Metadata in the world, accessing  over 16B device observations from over  600 million devices.

Digitally Ubiquitous

Aurora: GeoStudio®  is capable of ingesting and making sense of any location-based data including flight data, AIS shipping records, passive sensors, telecommunications, and automobile plate recognition  data.

Data Science Acceleration

We've developed Contextual Gravity to accelerate actual relationships among otherwise disparate entities.

Intuitively Visual

Make significant connections faster with our multidimensional data universe and game-like user interface. 

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