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Where do I start?

How it Works

Begin by reviewing our How it Works page to get the big picture. Start Step 1 and you're on your way!



  • Data Collection derived from multiple sources including, but not limited to GPS, IP Geolocation, Grid, Cell Towers, and other signals.

Where's the data come from?

Open Source Intelligence

Our Data is collected from open-source intelligence derived from smart-device metadata. 

  • Methods and use of data are US and GDPR compliant. 

  • Privacy regulations are managed via Sovereign's Data Privacy Officer.

  • See our Privacy Policy to learn more.

What about Data Privacy?

GDPR Compliant

Our Data Privacy Officer is available to answer questions. 

  • Provide required information to establish a secure Account.

  • You may cancel your subscription anytime.  Fees are not prorated or refunded. Contact Us if questions.

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is secure in accordance with applicable international law.

  • Sovereign does NOT sell account information per company policy.

What about my Account?

My Account

Accounts are easy to setup, manage, and cancel.

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