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About Sovereign

Founded in 2014 by attorney and former clandestine intelligence officer, Mark Johnson, Sovereign is staffed by Silicon Valley veterans, US & UK intelligence engineers, analysts, and operators. Our DNA invites extraordinary curiosity, rigorous integrity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.​ We help solve the problem of weak decision-making, whether instigated by siloed data, inadequate intelligence collection, biased AI assumptions, or stymied sense-making.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape for intelligence requirements, whether tracking population movement to assess hospital overflows, airport activity, or retail business opportunities.  While Sovereign is building AI-powered solutions (See, we've responded to our client's call for Location Intelligence (LOCINT) and quickly built this offering.


Intelligence experts have long considered the measurement of device location to be the holy grail of intelligence collection, e.g. the missing link for predictive analysis and the number one method for saving costs when it comes to learning about where people are, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.



We believe that true prosperity is achieved through Data Privacy,  Financial Integrity, and National Security. 


Our Mission is to make sense of the world's data so people can make better decisions. 

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